Active Weather on the Way – 1/6/20 Forecast

Get ready for an active weather pattern that kicks off this week and will keep much of the country on it’s toes over the next couple of weeks. Nothing major for most of the country, but keep an eye out up north and in the Rockies!

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It’s Clipper City heading our way with minimally invasive cold air for much of the northern half of the country this week and into next. It starts with a small snow system skirting across the West Virginia mountain range into Maryland, while the Great Lakes region gets a bit of lake effect snow. We don’t expect more than a couple inches of accumulation. Then a couple more clippers build up in North Dakota and the Northern Rockies near the middle of the week. Most of the cold stays up in Canada with a bit dipping down into the upper regions Wednesday and Thursday. The warm air from the south will keep most of this cold pushed up into the north.

By Friday and Saturday we will see some significant precipitation, but that stays as primarily rain in most areas due to the warmer weather in the South. However, a strip of cold air on the western side of that system may be enough to bring some snow to the Midwest and Ohio Valley by this weekend in the Upper Midwest and Northeast regions.

Rocky Mountain Snow Expected Soon - 1/11/20 Weather Map
Rocky Mountain Snow Expected Soon – 1/11/20 Weather Map

Rocky Mountain Snow

Then things really kick up a notch in the Rockies and Northern Cascades on Sunday due to the wet air meeting the colder temperatures. Over the next two weeks, we’re expecting some significant systems in the higher elevations that could amount to a few feet of snow in those areas. Depending on where the cold air lines up, that snow could amount to 4-8 inches in the Great Lakes area and 2-4 inches in New York once it moves east.

Overall we’re expecting an active pattern, but not a widespread concern for serious snow across the nation. Looking for accurate weather forecasts for YOUR service area? Consider Neoweather private forecasting for your snow removal business!