Xtreme Fabrication Showcases Pro-Tech

Xtreme Fabrication is excited to talk about Pro-Tech’s newest product, the Fusion Box. Pro-Tech has been known for Sno Pushers since 1993 and Xtreme Fabrication knows they make a solid product. The all new Fusion Box has ice scraping technology with a steel cutting edge combined with rubber technology. This combo gives you the best of both worlds.

Easy Replacement

A unique feature that Pro-Tech brought in this model is 24-inch sections on the molded edge steel for scraping. If you have any damage or need to replace anything, you don’t need to replace the entire edge, only the 24-inch section. The edge also stays in a fixed position and you are able to adjust the shoes. With great capability and fantastic wear, this Sno Pusher is a great choice.

You’re in Control

The rubber cutting edge has molded rubber in the pusher itself, giving you the flexibility to flex it back and forth. The all new Pro-Float Coupler allows you to flex up and down as well as side to side. This standard feature gives you ultimate control and flexibly to get the job done.

Versatile, Simple, Reliable

With versatility and a simple design, this the Fusion Box has no moving parts. Xtreme Fabrication relies on a user-friendly product like the Fusion Box for their needs. They’ve been selling Sno Pushers for over 15 years and haven’t looked back since. Great products are what they look for and Pro-Tech delivers.