Winter Outlook – January 2017 Update


Meteorologist Mark McGinnis brings us a January 2017 Winter Outlook Update for Snow Plow News.

Recently we have seen temperatures throughout the Northern US hover near the freezing mark, allowing a lot of our snow to melt.


jan 2017 temp forecast


January 2017 Winter outlook

Four of the last five weeks we have seen the El Nino pattern in neutral and the current

La Nina phase will slowly fade away.

What can we expect over the next few weeks?

Well stay the same cold then warm then cold pattern for the next few weeks.

We will see in January surges of cold, arctic air followed by a warm spell and then back

to another cold surge every 7-10 days or so, which is typical of a weakening La Nina during this time of year.


jan 2017 precip forecast








For the rest of January expect the West coast will get stormy weather –

snow in the mountains and rain in the valleys while Eastern US and Canada

will get more rain.



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