AccuWeather’s 6 Expert Strategies for Navigating Winter’s Challenges

Investing in timely snow removal services, can have a substantial economic impact, see how it can pay off for you.

December 18, 2023 | Staff Editor

As winter looms, businesses must brace themselves for the challenges presented by snow and ice storms, which can disrupt operations, lead to lost sales, and incur unexpected costs. Despite these potential setbacks, businesses armed with accurate information and effective tools can make informed decisions to mitigate disruptions and optimize their performance. By implementing strategic measures, companies can ensure productivity even in the face of harsh winter conditions.

The Impact of Snowstorms on Businesses
Snowstorms wield a substantial influence on businesses, particularly small enterprises. They can disrupt supply chains, cause power outages, and create transportation issues. According to IHS Global Insight, a significant storm rendering roads “impassable” could have a profound economic impact with just a one-day shutdown. The research indicates that a single day’s shutdown in New York costs approximately $700.17 million, while Massachusetts faces losses around $265.12 million.Investing in proactive snow removal, such as AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service, proves economically beneficial in the long run. Despite initial concerns regarding upfront costs and budget constraints, the economic toll of snow-related closures outweighs the expense of taking preventative measures. Decision-makers are urged to adopt a forward-thinking approach when planning snow removal strategies.

Navigating Winter Challenges with AccuWeather
To assist businesses in navigating winter challenges, AccuWeather has compiled six strategic approaches. These measures not only mitigate risks but also create opportunities for businesses. For detailed insights into AccuWeather’s 6 strategies for winter navigation, visit the AccuWeather for Business blog here.

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