Winter Equipment Unveils Vulcan® V-Plow Cutting Edge System for BOSS DXT

Winter Equipment, a leading name in premium cutting edges and innovative wear parts for the snow removal and road maintenance equipment industry, announced the launch of the Vulcan® V-Plow Cutting Edge System designed specifically for BOSS DXT V-plows. This cutting-edge system promises improved performance and boasts a remarkable longevity that outlasts the OEM cutting edge by three times.

October 18, 2023 | Staff Editor

As winter approaches, snow removal professionals across the nation can look forward to a game-changing solution to enhance their snow plowing operations. The Vulcan V-Plow Cutting Edge System from Winter Equipment is set to revolutionize the way we tackle snow and ice.

Designed for the BOSS DXT V-plows, the Vulcan Cutting Edge System offers exceptional benefits that cater to the needs of snowplow operators. One of its key features is the prevention of premature and uneven blade wear, ensuring that your equipment remains in peak working condition for longer periods.

The Vulcan system includes nose guards and plow guards that feature Impervium® carbide-filled hardfacing. This technology significantly improves abrasion resistance, making the Vulcan system incredibly durable, even in the harshest conditions. These nose guards and plow guards are expertly welded directly onto the cutting edge, ensuring a seamless ancd straightforward installation process.

Kent Winter, the founder and CEO of Winter Equipment, expressed his enthusiasm for this innovative product: “Our Vulcan system provides users with longevity to clear snow and reduce downtime. Featuring a 1/2″-thick, hardened, boron steel blade, it lasts three times longer while preventing premature and uneven wear.”

What sets the Vulcan Cutting Edge System apart is its DOT-rated performance, making it an excellent choice for clearing snow on various surfaces, including concrete, chip-seal, and asphalt. Whether you’re a professional snowplow operator or managing a snow removal fleet, Winter Equipment’s Vulcan has been engineered to meet and exceed your needs.

About Winter Equipment

Winter Equipment is a prominent leader in providing premium cutting edges and innovative wear parts for the snow removal and road maintenance equipment industry. With three decades of experience and 17 patents under their belt, Winter Equipment brings the best of technology and engineering processes to the industry. These innovations are combined with their in-depth application and process knowledge to create products that wear longer, reduce downtime, and provide long-lasting value.

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