Winter Equipment Comes to the Commercial Industry

Winter Equipment has now adapted their patented cutting edge technology to the commercial snow plow world.

March 15, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Winter Equipment is a snow plow cutting edge manufacturer and is the leading snow plow wear parts manufacturer in the United States for the Department of Transportation and other government agencies. Jake Dudash from Winter Products talked with Snow Plow News about how Winter Equipment is now introducing their snow plow wear parts to the commercial industry.

Winter Equipment has adapted their patented cutting edge technology over the last few years to serve the commercial snow plow world better. Winter Equipment provides a premium quality product that increases productivity, decreases downtime and increases wear life. All the Winter Equipment cutting edge systems come with a satisfaction guarantee. The wear systems are manufactured to last a complete season and will last two to five times longer than other wear systems. Dudash mentions that the cutting edge systems will literally pay for themselves with how long they last. Dudash adds that many contractors make the switch to Winter Equipment once they hear they won’t have breakdowns and be stuck in the middle of a storm with a worn out cutting edge. Winter Equipment simply does not bring products to market if it’s not something they don’t whole-heartedly believe in and back 100 percent.

WinterFLEX Rubber Cutting Edge System

Pegasus Expandable Plow Cutting Edge System

Vulcan V-Plow Cutting Edge System

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