Sno-Way’s Product Line Designed for Contractors, Facility Managers and Municipalities

Snow Plow News talks with Terry Wendorff, President of Sno-Way about why the Sno-Way product line is designed for contractors, facility managers and municipalities.

December 14, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

There are so many different plow choices on the market, every manufacturer tries to carve their own niche with the products they produce. Terry Wendorff, President of Sno-Way says “What Sno-Way does well is the way we try to manage the assets that are available to us, so we always try to be efficient.” Sno-Way plows are built with high performance pumps and motors that are essential to not draw as much energy from the vehicle. Sno-Way plows operate extremely quickly, so they reduce the amount of amp draw and their products are very flexible from the standpoint that they move more snow.

If you are a contractor that runs a fleet of trucks and you need plows and spreaders, Sno-Way’s plows are interchangeable, everything is meant to be moved and adjusted quickly. If you’re a municipality and have many parking lots to clear, the revolutionary 10 foot wide plow with movable wings can be put on skid steers, tractors and different types of trucks. If you are looking to move a lot of snow, Sno-Way has the most innovative products that move more snow, whether you are a contractor, facility manager or municipality.

Stronger, smarter, better through innovation is more than just a slogan for Sno-Way, it is the heart and soul behind every Sno-Way product. It is the relentless pursuit to design and manufacture the most durable and efficient plows. Sno-Way’s revolution style plows are designed with patented hydraulic end wings that can be controlled together or independently to move the snow where you want it at any time and can move more snow than any other plow on the market. Sno-Way’s Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulics allows you to scrape or back drag more snow in less time resulting in 30% more efficiency. The 29R plow in the revolution series has all the desirable characteristics of an extreme-duty plow: high-strength steel moldboard, fast and responsive hydraulics and optimized blade geometry for exceptional snow-rolling performance. These are just a fraction of the designs and features that make the Sno-Way product line one of the strongest in the industry.

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