Why Hiniker Snowplows are Favored by Dealers

Dealers explain why Hiniker is their brand of choice at the NTEA Work Truck Show.

December 13, 2021 | Dawn Krueger

Rondo Ziegler and Will the Welder at the 2020 NTEA

Why Choose Hiniker Plows?

Will the Welder caught up with Rondo Ziegler of Rondo Enterprises & Trailers in Illinois at the NTEA Work Truck Show to find out why Rondo chooses to be a dealer for Hiniker plows. Why does he think Hiniker makes the best plow? First, Rondo loves the quality of a Hiniker plow. For over 15 years, he’s sold these plows and he says they are so good that sometimes he doesn’t hear from customers again for a long time. His customers are happy and they have very few problems with them. Also, Rondo likes that they are easy to hook up and take off. If support is needed, Hiniker is easy to work with and offers great customer service.

Hiniker Snow Plow 2020

Types of Plows offered by Hiniker

Hiniker’s line up includes a variety of high-performance snow plows for both trucks and skid steers. Regardless of the job, Hiniker has a plow designed for every purpose. They have equipment for residential and commercial jobs of all sizes. For trucks, they have straight blades, reversible c-plows, v-plows, scoop plows, and a high capacity 10-foot trip-edge plow.

Hiniker plows are tough too. You can choose plow blades with stainless steel, incredibly strong horizontal-truss poly moldboards,  or a corrosion-proof HDPE poly moldboard that is dent-resistant with less surface friction for easier plowing and greater efficiency. Get the features you need by talking with a dealer about all your options. Not sure which plow will work for your truck? Check out Hiniker’s plow configurator on their website.

About Hiniker

Hiniker is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of snow and ice management equipment. Their roots go back to 1970 and they have a strong reputation for building tough and reliable equipment. Hiniker focuses on making equipment that is easy and efficient to use, while also being engineered and built to keep down time to a minimum.

Hiniker 2020

Hiniker Plow Advantages Video

Check out the interview Will had with Rondo Enterprises below.

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