Why Hiniker is the Right Brand for Contractors, Fleets, or Municipalities

Hiniker caters to three classes of plowers, so if you are an individual, fleet or municipal plower, Hiniker has you covered.

June 27, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Individual Plower

For the individual owner, they are getting a good piece of equipment that’s very easy to operate and holds its value.

Fleet Operators

Fleet operators love Hiniker plows for many of the same reasons as the individual plower, particularly the durability. The variety of types of plows Hiniker has, fleet operators can run a v-plow, a scoop plow, or a c-plow because they all use the same mounts. 

Municipal Plowers

Municipal governments are fond of Hinikers plows, like the 10-foot plow and this plow is almost exclusively sold to these types of plowers. Hiniker does offer programs for municipalities to help with cost assistance when buying plows. The majority of plows sold to government municipalities are for pickup trucks that are used for park areas and parking lots. Hiniker also sells the bigger plows, like the 10-foot straight and v-plows for street plowing use and has a great selection for these kinds of snow jobs.

Hiniker plows are great for any snow job, whether you need a small or large plow, all Hiniker plows use the same design considerations from the wire harnesses to the quality pumps. These design elements benefit the high volume users like individual, fleet and municipality plowers and ensure they all get the same quality components on their equipment.

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