What Makes Volvo Machines Different?

Besides the name, what makes Volvo motor graders different from other snow and ice equipment manufacturers? It starts with the transmission. Volvo gives you a choice of either a standard 8 speed or an optional 11 speed transmission that will give you lower gears for fine grading applications and higher gears for times when faster speeds are important in any of their seven motor graders.

Volvo Motor Grader Differences video

Unlike competitors, Volvo also mounts their transmission in the front of the machine under the cab ahead of the articulation joint for easier serviceability and better balance. This transmission placement gives Volvo motor graders more weight in the front for better down pressure and productivity when plowing snow.

Volvo motor graders also come with larger windows and more glass for greater visibility than competitors along with a standard rear view camera for even greater safety and productivity.

Volvo Motor Grader
Volvo Motor Grader

Need to add more than one attachment? No problem! Volvo gives its machines two auxiliary functions standard to add attachments to and the ability to add up to five additional hydraulic circuits for additional attachments. So overall you can have up to seven additional circuits straight from the factory installed on Volvo motor graders.

Volvo motor graders have a very unique cooling system in the rear of the machine with hydraulic coolers on one side and the engine radiator is on the other side. This means there is no stacking or risk of contamination, and it’s also easier to clean the filters for good airflow.

Above all, Volvo is the only manufacturer of construction and snow removal equipment that offers a LIFETIME warranty on the frame, the articulation joint, and the articulation pins so you can be assured that your Volvo equipment will stand the test of time.