Western Products Unveils New Nighthawk LED Headlamps With EdgeView Technology


  • Western Products unveiled its new Nighthawk LED headlamps with its EdgeView Technology at the 2019 NTEA Work Truck Show.
  • The LED headlamps feature side lamps that direct light through the outer edge of each headlamp to provide a full 180 degrees of light visibility from plow edge to plow edge—as well as a heating system to keep ice and snow off.
  • Nighthawk LED headlamps will be offered as a new headlamp option for Western truck plows 2008 or newer.

Western Products, unveiled its new Nighthawk LED headlamps at the 2019 NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. They feature what Western calls its EdgeView Technology for better lighting off to the sides and a light pattern that throws the light further forward in a way that lets you see objects in front and to the side better than their previous headlamps.

The new Nighthawk LED headlamps include their EdgeView Technology, which features a dedicated lens and LED bulb that directs light through the outer edge of each headlamp. The design provides a full 180 degrees of light visibility, illuminating the plow from edge to edge, providing you the best possibility while plowing late at night.

Since the headlamps are LED, they about two times the light output that a similar halogen bulb would ensuring you get maximum visibility. The solid optics and lens pattern on the lights provides a light pattern Western tested extensively to shine the light exactly where it needs to be instead of the old fashioned reflectors you find with common halogen and even some LED plow lights. Western basically “precision tuned” the light pattern on their new Nighthawk LED headlamps to give you a wider, fuller light pattern for greater visibility. As you know better lighting is always welcome at night when you have been up for almost two days straight. You can plow faster and safer when you can see what you are plowing better and it reduces eye fatigue.

These Nighthawk LED headlamps include an innovative heating system and lens design that work to prevent ice bridging. The heating system uses temperature-sensitive heating elements that activate when needed to reduce ice buildup. This is a welcome feature because LED lights don’t warm up the lens as well as halogen lamps, so a poorly designed plow light will accumulate snow faster than the heat from the LED’s can melt it off. The heating system should mean you never have to get out of your truck to wipe off the lenses.

To prevent ice bridging, the headlamp features a sloped lens design without a bezel. Ice bridging happens in some lights when the lamps warm the snow up enough to melt, but then it accumulates and refreezes at the bezel creating an ice build-up which can be hard to remove.

While headlamps tend not to be a primary factor in what plow you buy, the newer headlamps that are coming out for plows are a welcome change. If you are out plowing all night long most people will notice the difference between the new, high performance LED lights versus the old halogens since they cause less eye strain and therefore less overall fatigue, not to mention, who doesn’t want to see what they are doing better so you avoid hitting avoidable hazards? If you plow professionally and you are going to buy a Western Plow, definitely consider upgrading to the new Nighthawk lights.