Western Pile Driver Box Plow Gets Big Time Improvements

Will the Welder is at the NTEA Work Truck Show checking out the new Western Pile Driver Snow Box Plow. The Pile Driver isn’t a new plow, but it does have new improvements. Check them out below…

Western Pile Driver Box Plow Features

The Western Pile Driver has many design improvements for 2020. One example is the 48″ x 48″ bolt-on side plates that can be easily removed and replaced if you ever hit something and damage them. The sideplates also have support posts for better protection against bending from accidental impact. This box plow also has a pivoting, abrasion-resistant, steel skid shoe that adjusts for different surfaces for better-than-ever even wear.

The back of the plow now has multiple mounting options so you can use it and move it to different vehicles quickly. This quick-change attachment set up has fully formed gussets that support both the upper and lower post, which connect directly with the internal stiffener ribs for strength and support.

2020 Western Pile Driver Box Plow
2020 Western Pile Driver Box Plow

The Western Pile Driver is available in 12’, 14′, and 16′ widths so it can move up to 15, 18, and 21 cubic yards of snow with ease. It comes with a professional-duty, premium rubber cutting edge that is adjustable and also REVERSIBLE to allow maximum use before requiring replacement!

The Pile Driver plow blade has a structural steel channel across the entire length of the blade and is lined with stiffener ribs for outstanding structural integrity and bucket-impact strength.

Want more information on this new and improved box plow? Check out Western Products on our website and contact them for more details.