Weather Battle Royale: Spring vs. Summer

The heat continues from coast to coast early this week, with well above averages across the country until Thursday. Then some rain sweeps through the east Thursday and Friday. The weekend brings lots of sunshine, but we expect to see much cooler temperatures over the weekend. See all the details from Brian Ivey at Neoweather below!

2/27/20 Weather Forecast from Neoweather

The unseasonably warm weather continues through today and into tomorrow across nearly every state in the Continental United States. Some areas are seeing well above average temperatures, while others are just seeing slightly above average. Even northern areas like Fargo, North Dakota are seeing highs around 84 degrees today!

5/27/20 Weather Map

The rainy parts of the country today are isolated to the Tennessee Valley and North Carolina, moving northward. That system kicks up into the Great Lakes region by Thursday and becomes more widespread. The wet air is followed closely by much cooler temperatures in those areas for Friday and the weekend. We expect a 10-20 degree dip in the highs Saturday and Sunday in the Upper Midwest into the Northeast. The cooler air is coming down from Canada and is expected to be dry. If you live in those areas, it’s a great weekend to finish up your spring yard work without it being too hot or wet.

6/1/20 Dry Weather Map

Next week is expected to start off dry as well with the high-pressure system and cooler temps sticking around for at least a few days in the northern areas.

However, a warm system is expected to come up from the south by Tuesday to warm things up again in the middle of the country. That’s when the battle begins for Spring vs. Summer temperatures as both the East and Northwest coasts stay cooler.

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