Tips for Snow Contractor Success

Mark Rasevic shares some tips to snow contractors that he has learned in his 25 years in the snow business.

March 28, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

Mark Rasevic has been in the snow and ice industry for over 25 years. From Rasevic’s years in the business, he has learned a tremendous amount and shares some helpful tips to contractors on how to be successful. 


Rasevic first recommends that contractors have a very good bookkeeper and accounting service. Having a reliable bookkeeper or accountant is extremely helpful when reviewing costs over the season and preparing for the next snow season. It is helpful to have data from these services for contractors to boost margins and be more efficient year over year.


Second, Rasevic recommends contractors decide what level of care they are going to provide to customers. Additionally, how contractors are going to charge customers for their services. Another good tip is to research your market and deduce whether the market supports what you want to accomplish in your business.


Lastly, Rasevic recommends working through a business plan, keeping in mind your target customers and market. It is a good idea to note that the work you do has to fit your plan, so you can execute it.

Hopefully these tips help you to have a more successful business and snow season!

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