The Ultimate Snowblower with Stephen Ariens

Stephen Ariens of the Ariens Company explains why the Ariens Kraken is the “Bentley of snow blowers.” The Kraken is not just a machine but a status symbol, meeting the demands of those who seek the ultimate in snow-clearing power and making it a standout choice in the world of snow blowers.

January 23, 2024 | Staff Editor

Winter enthusiasts and homeowners, brace yourselves for the snow-clearing revolution – the Ariens Kraken, a snow blower that’s not just a machine but a statement. In the world of snow blowers, the Kraken is turning heads and capturing the imagination of those who seek the ultimate in snow-clearing power.

Describing the Ariens Kraken as the “Bentley of snow blowers” is not an exaggeration; it’s a testament to the unparalleled features and capabilities that this top-of-the-line snow blower brings to the table. Designed to meet the demands of customers who crave the biggest and baddest equipment, the Kraken is more than just a tool – it’s a status symbol for those who want to be known as the person on the block with the best snow-clearing machine in the neighborhood.

So, what sets the Ariens Kraken apart from the rest? Let’s dive into the impressive list of features that make this snow blower phenomenal.

Power and Performance
At the heart of the Kraken is its impressive 420 CC engine, ensuring that it can tackle even the most challenging snow conditions. Whether you’re dealing with deep snow areas or facing the occasional winter storms in the Midwest, the Kraken is up for the task. With a track model that is adjustable both up and down, this snow blower provides unmatched stability and control.

Easy Start and Convenient Operation
Say goodbye to the hassle of manual starts in the freezing cold. The Kraken comes equipped with a battery key start, making it convenient for users to get the machine up and running without any fuss. The electric shoot adds another layer of ease, allowing precise control over the direction of snow discharge.

Illuminating the Night
Winter days may be short, but the Kraken ensures that the night doesn’t hinder your snow-clearing efforts. With a 36-inch LED light bar on the front, you’ll have visibility like never before. Operating in the dark becomes a breeze, and the added fun factor is undeniable. The Kraken transforms a mundane chore into an exciting adventure, especially during those long winter nights.

360° Visibility
Safety is paramount, especially when operating heavy equipment in the dark. The Kraken addresses this concern with rear lighting, providing operators with a 360° view of their surroundings. This feature is particularly crucial for those who find themselves clearing snow in pitch-black conditions. The enhanced visibility ensures that users can navigate confidently, making snow clearing not only efficient but also safe.

Unmatched Excitement
“It’s got everything you could ever want on a snowblower, there’s nothing on the market like it,” states Stephen Ariens. The excitement and thrill of using the Kraken elevates snow clearing from a routine job to an exhilarating experience. It puts excitement into the chore of doing the job, and it just makes it fun – like having a sports car,” says Ariens. 

The Kraken stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the realm of snow blowers. With its powerful engine, convenient features, and safety enhancements, it has become the go-to choice for those who demand the best. The excitement surrounding the Kraken is not just a fleeting trend; it’s a revolution in the way we approach the winter challenges. Say goodbye to snow-clearing woes – the Ariens Kraken has arrived, and it’s ready to make your winter tasks not only efficient but also incredibly fun.

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