The Revolution Plow Series by Sno-Way: Innovating Snow Removal

In the world of snow removal, where efficiency and performance are paramount, the Revolution Plow Series by Sno-Way stands out as a game-changer. With a relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to providing durable and efficient plows, Sno-Way’s revolutionary designs have transformed the snow removal industry.

November 14, 2023 | Staff Editor

Winter’s relentless arrival, bringing with it heavy snowfalls and icy conditions, can be a challenging time for individuals and businesses alike. When it comes to efficiently battling the winter elements, Sno-Way has consistently led the charge with their innovative snow and ice management solutions. In particular, the Sno-Way Revolution HD Series 2 Plow has emerged as a snow warrior, setting new standards in snowplow technology. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this remarkable piece of equipment, exploring its features, benefits, and why it’s becoming an industry favorite.

The Evolution of the Revolution HD Series 2 Plow

Sno-Way has a rich history of redefining snow and ice management, and their Revolution HD Series 2 Plow is a testament to their commitment to innovation. Building upon the success of their previous models, this plow is designed to provide maximum snow-moving flexibility and capacity, making it a top choice for those who demand uncompromising performance.

Key Features

Impressive Size and Height

The Revolution HD Series 2 Plow boasts a formidable 10-foot width and a 29-inch height, making it a true giant in the world of snowplows. With such dimensions, it can efficiently tackle even the heaviest snowfalls, ensuring no snow is left behind.

Versatility and Control

What sets the Revolution™ Series apart is its versatility. The triple-axis design allows you to transform it into a box plow, scoop plow, expandable-wing, or a straight blade plow, offering you the utmost control for any snow clearing situation. It can adapt to narrow areas, drive-throughs, and more, thanks to its unique features.

Innovative Design

Sno-Way designed the Revolution™ Series by building upon the success of their popular straight-blade plows. These plows feature a Ground Hugger blade design that optimizes snow distribution and an aggressive 65-degree blade geometry to handle snow pressure effectively. The wings are wide, strong, and function independently with a patented Double Wing Mechanism. This design prevents snow from dropping back onto the pavement and enhances performance.


Down Pressure® Hydraulic System

The Revolution HD Series 2 Plow comes equipped with Sno-Way’s proprietary Down Pressure® hydraulic system. This system adds an extra 250 pounds of down-force on the cutting edge at the push of a button. This extra pressure enhances scraping and snow removal efficiency, ultimately saving time and energy.

Revolution HD Truck Applications

3/4 Ton: F-250, Ram 2500, 2500 Sierra, 2500 Silverado
1 Ton: F-350, Ram 3500, 3500 Sierra, 3500 Silverado
Class 4: F-450, Ram 4500, 4500 Sierra, 4500 Silverado
Class 5: F-550, Ram 5500

Sno-Way’s Revolution HD Series 2 Plow has been designed to address the specific challenges posed by heavy snowfall and demanding winter conditions. Its combination of size, flexibility, and advanced hydraulic features makes it a standout choice for those who rely on efficient snow removal. Whether you’re a contractor responsible for clearing large parking lots or a municipality seeking a dependable solution, this plow provides the tools needed to get the job done effectively.

In the world of snow and ice management, Sno-Way’s Revolution HD Series 2 Plow has truly earned its place as a formidable snow warrior. With its innovative design, independently movable wings, enhanced maneuverability, and the Down Pressure® hydraulic system, it’s redefining the standards of snowplow technology. When winter’s fury descends, the Revolution HD Series 2 Plow is the ally you need to tackle snow and ice with unmatched efficiency and precision, making it a go-to choice for snow removal professionals and municipalities across the country.

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