The New Western PILE DRIVER™ Pusher Box Plow

Western introduces the all new PILE DRIVER™ with TRACE™ Edge technology. Snow Plow News takes a look at how the this technology makes this pusher a must have.

November 15, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

The all new PILE DRIVER™ by Western introduces TRACE™ edge technology. The TRACE™ edge technology, allows the pusher plow to move massive amounts of snow, scrape down to the pavement, and get more jobs done faster. The PILE DRIVER™ is currently available in 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, and 16′ widths. Snow Plow News takes a deeper look into what features make this new PILE DRIVER™ a must have this winter.


The terrain-response advanced cutting edge is comprised of independent, 2′ sections that raise, oscillate, and trip to accommodate contours and obstacles in the plowable surface. Working together, the sections remove more snow, reducing the amount of salt required. Two greasing locations allow the operator to keep the components well lubricated for maximum performance.

A common attachment plate with floating coupler makes installation easy with a wide variety of equipment and machinery, including skid-steers, wheel loaders, backhoes, and tractors. The floating coupler reduces negative down pressure from the vehicle, protecting against premature wear of the pusher cutting edge and components.

Operation of the PILE DRIVER™ plow is conveniently tied into the equipment’s controls. Simply raise and lower the lift arm and angle the attachment plate to position the pusher in the correct orientation.

The side plates ensure the TRACE™ edge remains in direct contact with the plowable surface. The reversible, bolt-on ski makes serviceability easy, allowing you to use both edges of the ski before replacing. The bolt-on design makes replacement in the field possible with a 3/4″ socket, ratchet, and 3/4″ wrench.

The PILE DRIVER™ plow performs in the most grueling commercial conditions. Each 2′ section comes standard with a ¾” cutting edge with carbide insert and uses the same part number for easy replacement. No need to replace the full cutting edge, only the sections that show wear.

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