The New Sno-Way Flared 29RVHD Series 2 Plow

Terry Wendorff, President of Sno-Way International, introduces the 29RVHD, the only flared wing v-plow with independent hydraulic wings to Snow Plow News.

November 2, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

The 29RVHD is a combination you cannot beat for moving the most snow. The Flared Wing 29RVHD Series 2 V-Plow is built for commercial plow contractors that want to move more snow with greater efficiency. The 29RVHD is designed with patented hydraulic end wings that can be controlled together or independently. The hydraulic end wings are integrated into the blade design to provide maximum flexibility. The independent wings can open to full width of 114 inches while allowing for a safe and secure travel width of 102 inches. The combination of the flared V-Plow wings with the integrated hydraulic end wings provides the greatest snow-moving flexibility and capacity for any plow truck. The 29RVHD Series 2 is built for trucks ranging from ¾ ton to Class 5 work trucks.

Sno-Way’s patented Down Pressure® technology allows this plow to scrape or backdrag more snow in less time resulting in 30 percent more efficiency. The 29RVHD also features the patented Ground Hugger blade that keeps the plow on the ground to eliminate snow trails. If those features weren’t enough, this plow also has Sno-Way’s Patented MaxADJUST™ Leveling System that allows the user to make adjustments while standing in front of the plow instead of from underneath. The operator can adjust the center hinge for perfect plowing alignment, superior cleaning performance and impressive back dragging capabilities. This system allows for easy use on fleets that use more than one type of truck model because there is no plow frame disassembly necessary for proper fit to each truck.

The ESS system is the standard wiring/lighting platform that provides efficient power and bright lights along with the ability to add optional lighting. This system allows a user with many vehicles to easily move this plow from truck to truck without the expense of installing a separate lighting systems.

The Flared Wing 29RVHD Series 2 V-Plow with Hydraulic End Wings weighs 1075 lbs. and is protected by a triple coat process that includes zinc phosphate wash, to prevent corrosion, an automotive E-Coat primer, to prevent rust, and a final coat of a military grade powder-coat for a tough exterior.

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