The New Mammoth 850 Series from Ariens

The Ariens Mammoth 850 Series is the biggest blow to snow since the ice age. Nik Krueger, Product Manager for Snow at Ariens tells Snow Plow News about the all new Mammoth 850.

November 8, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

The Mammoth 850 is a go anywhere, clear anything behemoth. The Mammoth  has multiple attachments, which allows you to purchase the tractor and then the attachments that you need for your business, so you can customize your Mammoth. Dive in with us as we discover the innovative features and attachments that make this machine best-in-class.


Best-In-Class Engine

The Mammoth 850 boasts a 28.5hp Kawasaki 850V-EFI engine with Electronic Fuel Injection for reliable starting on cold days.

Four-Wheel-Drive Power

A Parker HP2 Pump powers individual Parker DF-series motors to move the massive 22” Terra-trac tires, propelling this beast at speeds of up to 8 mph forward and 4 mph in reverse.

Convenient Dash Panel Design

All controls are located right at your fingertips. One hand drives while the other works the attachment joystick. Heated hand grips come standard. 


48" Plow Blade

This thick scraper blade pivots left and right 30 degrees and is easily adjustable with the electric joystick.

48" V-Plow

All steel construction, thick scraper blade, and trip-edge design allow you to clear right down to the pavement.

Brine Spreader

With five sprayer nozzles, a handheld wand, and 20-gallon brine tank, ice has met its match. The full kit includes all hoses, pumps, and nozzles, as well as a spray wand that attaches to the tank.

Salt Spreader

This stainless-steel rear-mounted unit features 2.0 cubic feet of capacity, an adjustable drop width of 30, 33, and 36 inches, and a digital variable speed controller on the dash.

44 Power Broom

Clears down to the surface making it perfect for zero-tolerance properties. Individual polymer bristle discs are easy to replace when worn.

36" & 48" Snow Blower Head

This all-steel snow remover can throw snow over 60 feet and is easily controlled with the touch of a joystick on the dash. Steel scraper blades and skid shoes are standard.

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