The Liquid Revolution: The Changing Landscape of Snow Management

In the world of snow management, the winds of change are blowing, and they’re carrying with them a liquid revolution. We had the privilege of speaking with Craig Sandman from Hilltip, a veteran of the industry with over 30 years of experience, to discuss the monumental shift towards liquid solutions in snow management and what’s driving this transformation.

September 12, 2023 | Staff Editor

Cost-Effectiveness Takes the Lead

Sandman highlighted a fundamental shift in the industry’s approach – a pivot towards liquid solutions. This change, he notes, has largely been spurred by cost considerations. When you crunch the numbers, it becomes evident that liquids offer a significant cost advantage over traditional solid materials.

Dollar for dollar, liquids are more economically viable, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious snow management professionals. This newfound efficiency in resource utilization is a driving force behind the embrace of liquid solutions.

The Green Initiative Impact

However, the shift towards liquids is not solely about dollars and cents. There’s a bigger, more environmentally-conscious picture at play. Sandman points out that across much of the country, there’s a growing emphasis on salt mitigation strategies driven by green initiatives.

Liquids, in this regard, become the eco-friendly hero of the story. They start working immediately upon application, staying precisely where they’re needed. Moreover, they’re kinder to infrastructure and result in less harmful runoff during the winter season. The environmentally conscious approach that liquids offer aligns perfectly with the demands of modern snow management.

The Private Sector’s Liquid Awakening

This evolution has already been happening in the private sector. For years, municipalities have had access to liquid solutions, equipped with the machinery, storage facilities, and budgets necessary for implementation. However, private contractors have been slower to adopt this liquid paradigm shift.

The implementation challenges have been the biggest hurdle for contractors. Questions about where to procure the necessary materials, how to make the transition, how to bill for liquid services, and how to incorporate it into operational plans have held them back.

But now, as Sandman notes, the tide is turning. Private contractors are recognizing the tangible benefits of liquid solutions and are making the move in unprecedented numbers. This shift towards liquids is transforming how they approach snow management, making it cleaner, smarter, more efficient, and ultimately, more profitable.

In conclusion, the snow management landscape is undergoing a revolutionary shift, with liquids leading the way. The cost-effectiveness, environmental considerations, and evolving strategies of private contractors are propelling the swift adoption of liquid solutions. This transformation is paving the path toward a more sustainable and efficient future in snow management.

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