The Future of RAM Electrification and the Snow Removal Industry

The RAM revolution is coming, but how does that fit into the snow removal industry? Snow Plow News talks with Dave Sowers, Head of RAM Commercial Marketing about how new technologies can benefit the snow and ice industry.

October 19, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

RAM has made announcements around the electrified future. Some may think that this future does not apply to the snow plow space, but the future is changing faster than people may realize. The RAM Promaster will have a battery electric offering in 2023 and the RAM light duty will have a battery electric version in 2024.

RAM has also announced their intention to bring hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to their offerings. Hydrogen is energy-dense and when produced with renewable electricity, it’s considered “green” and carbon-free. Hydrogen fuel cells use Hydrogen as fuel, combining hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity. Hydrogen fuel cells are a zero-emissions solution with the flexibility, power, and range that long-haul, heavy-duty trucks require. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are still an electric driven vehicle, but the differences include quick refueling, extended driving range and better payload. Compared to battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen tanks weigh thousands of pounds less than battery packs, which can lower cargo capacity. Payload and weight distribution is important in the snow plow space, as well as range. Hydrogen allows you to generate electricity on board and continue plowing longer. The benefits of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is definitely something to consider in the future for plow manufacturers and snow and ice management businesses.

RAM wants to hear from the snow and ice management industry to learn how they can electrify in this space. If you want to be part of the conversation, visit

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