3 Top Plow Choices for Ford F150

Snow Plow News reviews three brands that offer plows built to specifically fit the F150.

April 4, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

The Ford F150 is one of the most popular trucks in the 1/2 ton category. As such, this truck will be put to use as a plow truck more often than any other model. If you have smaller snow removal jobs, the F150 coupled with a quality plow is perfect to get the job done. Snow Plow News has scoured the marketplace and selected a few plow brands that have focused on building specific plows for the F150. We share our finds and some basic details on each plow to help in your search of the best plow for your F150.

Arctic Plows

The Arctic HOP90-P is built for light pickup trucks like the F150. This plow is great for homeowners that need to remove snow from driveways and small properties. The HOP90-P plow has a high density polyethylene moldboard to throw snow further and faster resulting in less resistance, decreased wear on power trains and increased fuel economy. The moldboard is also reinforced with 5 laser-cut steel ribs. The blade has a width of 7.5′, along with a 6″ deflector that keeps the snow down and away from the driver’s windshield. This plow is designed and built in Canada, so it can handle the toughest winter jobs.

Sno-Way Plows

Sno-Way offers a few different plows that will fit the 1/2-ton truck class, but the 26 Series 2 snow plow is specially constructed to get the most out of your Ford F150 truck. The 26 Series 2 was designed with a special sub-frame to maximize airflow to the truck while providing strong support for the blade and ensures stability.

The 26 Series 2 comes with all of the same standard features as Sno-Way’s commercial plow line without the extra weight. 7 ribs back the blade that comes in a width of 6’8″ and 7’6″. The high-strength steel blade has Sno-Way’s  Triple-Coat Protection that delivers a surface that is resistant to penetration by salt, sand, stones, or any other aggregate material. Another standard feature is Sno-Way’s patented Shock-Killer trip return system to help protect your equipment from damage when you hit an obstacle while plowing and the patented Ground Hugger blade design to utilizes the natural pressure of the plowed snow and transferring it to the blade to force the blade downward. The 26 Series 2 also comes equipped with the patented ESS Smart System, to eliminate failure-prone relays and comes with LED Thermosensitive Heated Lights.

Western Plows

The WESTERN® HTS snow plow is a full-size, full-featured plow designed for lighter half-ton, four-wheel-drive trucks, like the F150. This plow is ideal for personal and light commercial applications such as driveways, small commercial lots and parking spaces. The moldboard is coated steel, is 27″ tall and 7’6″ wide. This plow features the Hydraulic Scrape Lock that holds the blade down for more efficient scraping and clean back dragging. Additionally the WESTERN® HTS snow plow features a two-spring trip blade to protect your snow plow and truck when striking hidden obstacles.


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