The Arctic SideSwiper™, An Indispensable Tool

The Arctic SideSwiper™ is the ultimate weapon for distribution centers.

November 1, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

The economy is ever changing with more online shopping and ordering, less shopping malls are being built and more distribution centers are being constructed. Snow contractors need to have the right tools in their arsenal to combat these high demand facilities. The SideSwiper-Arctic Sectional Offset Plow™ is the perfect tool for these high traffic sites. The SideSwiper™ is the most efficient and effective way to clear snow and ice from underneath Semi Trailers and around their 5th wheel kingpin.

The SideSwiper™ plow uses Arctic’s patented Sectional design, allowing the plow to conform to uneven surfaces and provides a superior scrape down to bare pavement. Operators will also appreciate the SideSwiper™ isolated trip ability over hidden objects while plowing! Arctic products are built for and used by Arctic’s own massive snow fleet. So the quality and performance of Arctic products is a direct result of the extensive field experience as one of the leading snow removal operations in the country. When designing the SideSwiper™, Arctic did not spare any details, with its full twenty feet of length, low profile and trailer guide.

Low Profile Design

Specifically designed to easily and safely go underneath trailers to clear snow away from the kingpin. No need to adjust the angle or height, just drop and go.

Trailer Guide

Strategically positioned to allow you to plow with peace of mind. The trailer guide lets you know if you’re too close to a trailer to prevent clipping the trailer’s legs.

The SideSwiper™ is an indispensable tool to have for any loading dock this winter. When downtime is unacceptable, and speed and efficiency are absolutely required, this is the plow you want, with the patented technology that only Arctic can provide.

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