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Todd Riley, True Radius Marketing reviews Snow Plow News

Snow Plow News Review

Todd Riley from industry marketing maven, True Radius Marketing, shares how they partner with Snow Plow News to help dealers learn industry news that is original and relevant to the snow and ice management industry. Snow Plow news doesn’t just share news – it spends a lot of time and resources on creating original content for snow contractors. Whether it’s forecasts, product reviews, and comparisons, industry news, or sharing trusted dealer and supplier information – Snow Plow News is the best source for information!

“We’ve partnered with Snow Plow News because we really like the fact that they are big. They’ve got like over 50,000 subscribers and they’re a leader in news – not necessarily just more blog site postings and volleying back and forth of a few hundred really people but they actually take a leadership role and create content that’s relevant.”

Todd Riley

True Radius Marketing

Snow Plow News gets the insider scoop and information directly from snow and ice manufacturers and puts that together in one place for snow contractors to read and stay updated on the latest news.

True Radius Marketing even offers a Snow Plow Newsfeed to their dealers so they can have a direct feed of news from SPN show up on their websites. This helps dealer customers get great information in a news format while they are researching new snowplows, salt spreaders, and accessories without ever having to leave the dealer’s website.

SPN Video Testimonial

Watch the full video of Todd Riley talking about how their clients benefit from Snow Plow News below.

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