Sno-Way UTV V-Box Spreader

Sno-Way V Box Spreader

Convert UTV Broadcast Spreader to Drop Spreader in Seconds!

Sno-Way has been manufacturing snow and ice removal products for UTVs for several years now, and one of the things they ensure is versatility so their spreaders can handle as many situations as possible. Their RVB spreaders already spread anything that can be spread on ice without getting clogs or air pockets.

Their awesome drop spreader hood for the UTVs allows a UTV to quickly switch from drop spreading to broadcast spreading. This option is great for places with a lot of pedestrian traffic. You can use the drop spreader to put down salt in a very narrow footprint like a standard sidewalk. You can then go to broadcast spreading to cover pedestrian boulevards, drivable alleys, and other wider pavement areas.

You can get the UTV version of the Sno-Way poly v-box spreader in a 10 or 500 cu. ft. size. Since the spreader is poly, the body is not going to rust, and it reduces the weight you put on the UTV.

Ultra-Fast Conversion

The hood is extremely fast to change over from a drop spread configuration to a broadcast spread configuration. With the Sno-Way spreader controller, you can have a high degree of precision in how you drop material with extreme ease of use, including controlling the optional vibrator kits and light kits. It is the same controller used on the larger truck spreaders, giving you the added benefit of keeping controls the same across vehicles, making life easier for everyone.

Prevents Spilling of Material

Another neat feature is the brushes that prevent spillage while driving where you don’t need to spread material. When you keep more material in your spreader, you are dumping less salt where it doesn’t belong and saving money. The spillage saving brushes can save you a ton of money if you are spreading expense material, like calcium chloride.

Sno-Way UTV Spreader Hood Video

Snow Plow News met up with Terry Wendorff, President of Sno-Way Intl., at the SIMA show to hear more about the Sno-Way UTV spreaders. Watch the video to hear what Wendorff has to say.

The hood is an ingenious addition to the Sno-Way spreaders for UTVs. You can check out more information about the Sno-Way UTV v-box spreader on their website.

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