Sno-Way 26 Series 2 Snow Plow

The 26 Series 2 Snow Plow has been upgraded with some new features to efficiently clear snow and ice. We look into some of the features that make this plow perfect for the 1/2 ton truck.

April 20, 2021 | Emma Tyborski

26 Series 2 Plow with Ram 1500

The new Sno-Way 26 Series 2 Snow Plow is specially designed for the 1/2 ton truck, but has all of the same standard features as Sno-Way’s commercial plow line without the extra weight: High-strength steel FlexForce frame construction, heavy-duty A-frame and an ultra-responsive hydraulic package. The 26 inch tall blades are available in 6’8″ and 7’6″ lengths. Below we have listed some of the common truck applications for the 26 Series 2 plow.

1/2 Ton:
1500 Avalanche, F-150, Ram 1500, 1500 Sierra,
1500 Silverado, 1500 Suburban, 1500 Yukon

Series 2 Upgrades

LED Thermosensitive Heated Lights are bright and heat only when needed to save power.

Pro Control 2 Plus controls the plow and lights from inside the truck cab. This controller is offered in a wired or wireless configuration. The controller has an ergonomic design, is completely customizable, extremely reactive, is backlit and will work with any Sno-Way plow and spreader.

Upgraded Hydraulics Package puts the power on the upper light bar. This improves hose routing for better hydraulic efficiencies, access for service and pump protection.


26 Series 2 Plow Front

New Outer Jack Stand simplifies the attachment and removal of the plow from your truck.

Complete Fleet 2-Plug Connection System includes one 4-guage power plug and one connector for lights and control.

Standard Features

ESS Smart System powers the plows lights using the trucks battery, eliminating computer, flashing and shutdown problems. There are no adaptors, allowing this easy system to fit on every type of truck.

Ground Hugger Blade Design transfers pressure from the snow loads to the blade, forcing the blade downward.

Drive in Mount uses Sno-Way’s hydraulic- assist plow mount to attach itself to the vehicle sub frame, while the driver positions the vehicle in line with the mount and uses the control to connect the plow.

Triple Coat Protection includes zinc phosphate to prevent corrosion, E-Coat primer to keep rust from starting, and military grade powder coat for a tough exterior.

Tube Steel/Tab-Slot and Lock Construction enables the structural components of the plow to link fully together, ensuring maximum load force absorption.

Pre-Drilled Top Blade Rail allows for E-Z installation of E-Z fit deflector.

Shock Killer Trip Return System reduces blade return shock to the truck and the driver.

Robust Full-Load Trip Springs provide full load trip action for uninterrupted snow plowing.

The Sno-Way 26 Series 2 snow plow includes new features that make plowing more efficient.

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