Review & Compare Snow Plows: Boss XT VS Western MVP3 VPlows

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One of the great tools you’ll find for choosing a snow plow is our snow plow comparison charts. Let’s get this battle of the snowplows under way!

Snowplow Comparison Categories

The categories Snow Plow News examines to determine a SnowPlowNews Rating are as follows:

  1. Multiple Plow Specs
  2. Features
  3. Size
  4. Price – the price range provided should only be used as a general rule of thumb. We cannot be certain of actual market pricing as that will vary from area to area as well as dealer to dealer.
  5. Moving Capacity – this is intended to give you a general idea of snow moving capacity. This is based on the size and style of plow.
  6. Warranty

A high ranking does not constitute a product endorsement by Snow Plow News.

Today’s Snow Plow News Match-up Pits Western MVP3 VPlows VS Boss XT V Plows

We’ve poured over the numbers from each category to find out how these VPlows stack up.

SnowPlowNews has ratings for 5 models of Western MVP3 and 5 models of Boss XT snow plows, including steel and poly Plows.

Check in with our interactive comparison charts to get the low down on the Western MVP3 vs the Boss XT.

Comparing Snow Plow Price, Warranty, and Moving Capacity

Let’s break it down. Both Western and Boss offer a 2 year warranty on their snowplows.

On price, we’ve got another close one. Both the Boss and Western plows average  4 out of 6 on our price scale.

Western scores an average 4.6 out of 6 in moving capacity while Boss checks in with an average 5 out of 6. Moving capacity is neck and neck on the bigger plows, but Boss shows an advantage on their smaller plows.

The numbers indicate some variances with regard to snow plow specs. Digging into the specs show some differences in trip springs, vertical ribs, blade thickness, blade height, etc.

Battle Of The V Plows: Western VS Boss

In our limited comparison formulas, it looks like Western wins the SPN ratings battle. It’s not an overwhelming win by any stretch, but our numbers show a narrow margin of victory. Our congratulations to both Western and Boss for making fine snow plows.

Western Snow Plow Results


MVP3 chart











The previous chart indicates the numbers for the Western MVP3.

The Western MVP3 averaged: 50.6

Boss Snow Plow Results

BOSS XT chart











The previous chart indicates the numbers for the Boss XT snow plows.

The Boss XT averaged: 49.2

Again, this is a battle on paper. The real story is told where the blade meets the road.

Other Real World Variables To Consider When Purchasing A Snow Plow

  1. Dealers
  2. Mounting
  3. Innovation
  4. Non-truck applications

Here are a few more things to remember. When you’re considering a snowplow, your relationship with the dealer is a big deal. Does your dealer have a reputation for being open during snowstorms? Do they carry a large assortment of parts on hand or can they get them fast? Do they have a service department with a good reputation? When you’re out in blinding snow and a part breaks on the plow, you want to know it can be fixed fast.

Mounting is also a concern. Will you have to leave the plows on the trucks all winter because it’s such a headache to dismount and re-mount the plow to the truck? Are hookups a one man job or do they require a team and a skidsteer?

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Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews