Ram Trucks: Tailored Solutions for Municipal Snow Removal Challenges

Ram actively collaborates with municipalities to cater to a broad spectrum of snow removal requirements. Snow Plow News explores Ram’s strategy in delivering adaptable vehicles meticulously designed to meet the unique demands of municipalities, whether in small-town settings or expansive urban environments.

January 17, 2024 | Staff Editor

Winter brings the annual challenge of snow removal, a task that municipalities navigate to keep public spaces accessible and safe. Ram, a renowned name in the automotive industry, collaborates closely with municipalities to address their diverse snow removal needs. This article delves into Ram’s approach to providing versatile vehicles, specifically tailored for municipalities ranging from small towns to larger urban areas.

Versatility in Fleet Solutions

Ram recognizes that municipalities operate with varying snow removal needs, requiring fleets that can adapt to different scenarios. From small-town roads to bustling urban areas, Ram’s commitment is to offer vehicles that can handle a spectrum of jobs. The core principle is ensuring municipalities have the right tools for the job, no matter the scale.

From Small to Big

Ram’s fleet encompasses vehicles ranging from small to big, acknowledging the diversity of tasks municipalities face. At the upper end of the spectrum is the 5500 chassis cab, boasting a robust 19,500-pound GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). This heavy-duty truck provides the necessary capability for a range of snow removal tasks, although it’s not designed for full-scale street-level snow removal.

Year-Round Utility

Ram understands that municipal vehicles need to be versatile year-round. The approach is pragmatic, with many municipalities utilizing Ram trucks equipped with dump bodies throughout the year. Come winter, these trucks seamlessly transition as snow removal assets, incorporating plows and spreaders for efficient handling of snow-covered parking lots, school premises, public buildings, and access ways.

Ideal for Municipal Applications

Ram’s trucks shine in municipal applications, especially in scenarios where the operators may not be seasoned snow plow professionals. Municipalities often rely on maintenance personnel who wear multiple hats, serving the city’s day-to-day needs. Ram’s trucks, particularly with dump body installations, provide an ideal platform. Maneuverable and easy to drive, these trucks offer a user-friendly experience for operators who may not have extensive snow plowing experience.

Efficiency in Parking Lots and Access Ways

Ram’s emphasis on the right-sized trucks for the job becomes crucial in parking lots and access ways. Rather than employing oversized road-going plows, municipalities benefit from the maneuverability and ease of operation offered by Ram trucks. This not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that personnel can navigate through tight spaces with confidence, minimizing the risk of damage and optimizing snow removal efforts.

Ram’s commitment to providing municipalities with tailored solutions for snow removal reflects a deep understanding of the unique challenges these entities face. By offering a versatile fleet, ranging from smaller vehicles for local roads to heavy-duty options for larger urban areas, Ram ensures that municipalities have the right tools at their disposal. The emphasis on ease of operation and maneuverability further caters to the specific needs of maintenance personnel who may not have extensive experience in professional snow plowing. As winter descends, Ram trucks stand ready as reliable partners, assisting municipalities in keeping public spaces clear, safe, and accessible.

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