MultiHog is the Perfect Winter Maintenance Machine

The Multihog machines offer the perfect attachment combinations to tackle sidewalk winter maintenance.

May 3, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

The Multihog machine has been in the North American market for over 10 years. The idea behind the Multihog is it’s a sidewalk tractor, but it can be used primarily for snow and ice management.

There are a number of different models of the Multihog tractor. The MX and CX models are multi-purpose tractor machines, so they are more heavily used in the snow and ice industry. A couple of different things Multihog does to manage snow and ice is to offer multiple attachments for their machines.

Multihog offers a straight snow plow with hydraulic lift in various widths. This plow is spring loaded and has a wear strip included. The drop sander attachment is a drop sander and drop box combination, ideal for municipalities, facilities management. The V-Snow Plow is an attachment that is robust and high quality. The v-plow is perfect for pushing snow in various directions. The v-plow comes complete with overload protection and is available in various sizes, from 51-95 inches wide.

One of the biggest advantages on a Multihog is the spring suspension on the CX model. The CX has a spring and dumper style suspension, so the comfort element is greatly improved. Older and uneven terrain are no match for the suspension on the CX machine.

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