Mills Insurance – Serving Snow & Ice Industry

Mills insurance group is an independent insurance agency that operates in 28 different states They are here to serve contractors of the snow and ice management industry.

Where do I start?

What do you need to know? They work directly with you to overcome issues that everyone in the industry is facing. Products they offer include general liability, something that is typically required based on the contracts that are signed. Just getting the basic coverage is step one to make sure you are covered and don’t need to worry. Don’t be blind to the contracts you are signing and get yourself insured.

What if…

You don’t want to wait to think about insurance until something happens. It’s easy to let it slip out of mind and forget about it. Other products that Mills Insurance offers include auto and workers comp. Again, insurance you should really have to keep yourself protected in the industry. You never know when something will go wrong.

It’s Not Scary with the Right Agent

Don’t like talking about insurance? You’re not alone. Mills insurance will help you understand your options and make it easy, simple and not intimidating to sit down and discuss. They know not everyone in the insurance business is the same, but Mills Insurance will treat you right and get you covered.

When you look for an insurance agent, look for someone that can help you understand the business you are in. You never want to feel discouraged or want to hide from it. To keep doing your job as a contractor and snow management, make sure the agent is helpful and informative

After you sit down with Mills Insurance, you should feel like running towards the snow and not away from it.