May Snow & Cold Could Break Records!

The calendar might say May, but Mother Nature is still serving up cold temps and even snow in the Midwest and parts of the Northeast! Did she not get the memo?? While the temps are warm out West and in the South, there are big dips in the jet stream up North that are bringing in some very cold winter air down from Canada. See what Brian Ivey (with his ever-growing quarantine hair) has to say about the weather this week below…

Today and Thursday we’ll see average temperatures in the West and Southeast, up into the Ohio Valley. We expect to see some scattered rain, but nothing serious. But get ready to bundle up this weekend if you are in the Great Lakes or Northeast. Temperatures will dip into widespread twenties across most of those regions on Saturday morning! There will even be actual snow! So don’t get too anxious and start planting just yet. You may need to wait a week or two before getting those annuals into the ground.

Map showing widespread temps in the 20's on 5/9/20
We expect widespread temps in the 20’s on 5/9/20

Accumulating Snow??

Brian and his team are watching several different models to see what might happen this weekend regarding possible snow. That’s right! We’re not just saying that to suck up to all you snow contractors – there might be actual accumulation this weekend when the troughing temps collide with the moisture in the atmosphere. The chances of real accumulation depend upon the track and timing – for flakes to add up, they’ll have to fall overnight when the temps are coldest. But they’re expecting anywhere from under an inch up to 5-7 inches in some isolated spots across northern Pennsylvania and New York.

5.9.20 Snow Map

Check out the potential snow map for Friday & Saturday

The snow front has rain expected before and after it, so it won’t last long even if accumulation occurs. Other bouts of rain are expected to hit parts of the country this week, but nothing severe to cause more storms or flooding like in recent weeks. Most of the country is not expected to see typical warmer temps until mid-May. The major cold on the Northeast and warmer than average temps in the West are expected to continue for the next week or so.

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