LMN Streamlines Snow Operations from Quotes to Invoicing

LMN is the fastest growing operations software in the landscape and snow & ice industry. They offer mobile apps and snow software for timesheets, job logs with Quickbook sync, salt & service tracking (GPS verified), site map access, route optimization, and estimating. With LMN, your snow and ice company will work with 24/7 real-time information from the field like never before.

See how LMN streamlines snow operations

LMN goes beyond simple software solutions, with integrations and training to drive your snow and ice business forward. Here are some LMN highlights:

  • Mobile Timesheets App – Operators can clock-in and out from any smart device. You’ll get real time tracking of job & payroll hours along with the option to sync to Quickbooks.
  • Live Salt & Service Tracking – Keep track of properties serviced and amount of salt applied. Reports show “live” data so you can bill when ready.
  • GPS Verification – Know where your crews are at all times with site clock-in and out that is GPS verified.
  • Route Optimization – LMN calculates the most efficient route and driving instructions based on the site addresses you enter.
  • Estimating Jobs – Calculate the right price for every job with calculations for labor, equipment, and overhead.
  • Site Maps – instead of putting together site map binders, just upload a digital map to LMN for quick access from any device.
  • Jobsite Watch Add-on – Reduce phone calls and improve customer service by giving customers live, 24/7 access to site service reports from any device.
LMN Business Management Software for Snow Contractors
LMN Business Management Software for Snow Contractors

LMN also includes a full CRM for managing customer relations. You can manage everything from the first contact with a client to managing the sales and service tasks while tracking customer communications. LMN’s dashboard report will give you instant information on sales activity and it will even show you where your leads are coming from so you can make better advertising decisions.

Join the growing amount of snow and ice management companies who are putting real-time field information in the palms of their hands, 24/7 with LMN.

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