La Nińa Influences 2016/2017 Winter Snowfall Expectations

Meteorologist Rob Guariano reporting for a Snow Plow News weather update. In this episode, Rob forecasts the effects of La Nińa on winter 2016/2017.

El Nińo And La Nińa Influences

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Depending upon where you live, the effects of El Nińo and La Nińa can have significant impacts on your weather. With El Nińo dynamics effecting winter weather this year, some areas saw more than normal snowfall, while others saw less.

With an eye on Pacific surface water temperatures, Rob is expecting La Nińa to enter the weather picture for winter 2016/2017. Surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, specifically the equatorial east and central, were consistently higher than average through this past January. This indicates that El Nińo is still persisting, probably through spring. Rob’s forecasts, however, project that temperatures will begin to cool into fall. This would mean a turn from El Nińo to La Nińa.

What Does La Nina’s Influence Mean For New York, Chicago, & St. Louis Winter 2016/2017?
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La Nińa doesn’t have as much of an impact on the weather as El Nińo does. As discussed in a previous Snow Plow News Weather Update, La Nińa is like the better behaved ‘little sister’ to the ornery ‘big brother’ El Nińo. Of course, weather is a dynamic force making it difficult to determine how strong La Nińa effects will be.

Rob expects a weaker than normal Winter 2016/2017 for New York, Chicago and St. Louis, with snowfall estimates near normal to less than normal.

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