Introducing the Electronic Snow Plow Lighting System (ESS System): A Revolutionary Innovation in Snow Plowing

Snow Plow News is excited to unveil the latest innovation in the snow plowing industry – the Electronic Snow Plow Lighting System (ESS System), as announced by Terry Wendorff, president of Sno-Way. This cutting-edge lighting solution is set to revolutionize the way snow plow operators manage their lighting systems, providing unmatched convenience and efficiency.

July 26, 2023 | Staff Editor

Universal Compatibility and Seamless Integration: The ESS System’s Game-Changing Features

Gone are the days of dealing with adapter harnesses for different vehicle models. With the ESS System, regardless of whether you’re operating an older model Power Wagon or the latest release trucks, you now can use just one harness. Simply plug it into your marker lights and blinkers, and watch as the ESS System take control seamlessly. What’s even more remarkable is that the computer remains unaware of the plow’s presence, allowing it to run smoothly without any electrical or operational hiccups.


A Boon for Snow Plow Dealers: Effortless Installation and Inventory Management with the ESS System

The advantages of the ESS System extend beyond the plow operator to becoming a benefit for snow plow dealers. Eliminating the need to stock multiple harnesses, the ESS System offers an effortless installation process. Once a service technician is familiar with the installation for one vehicle, it’s identical for all others, saving valuable time and resources


Enhanced Visibility and Safety: The ESS System’s Integrated Flash and Smart Site Technology

“Our system is incredibly
user-friendly, and we’ve
incorporated some exceptional
features that make it stand
out from the rest, our integrated
flash system is a prime example.”

When activated, the lights will alternate between each blinker and tail light, significantly enhancing visibility and safety during snow plowing operations. And the best part? It comes at a much lower cost than traditional systems” says Wendorff.


Reliability and Simplicity: The ESS System’s User-Friendly Design for Hassle-Free Operation

The ESS System further showcases its prowess with the inclusion of their proprietary “Smart Site” technology. A simple yet effective harness, it ensures that additional lighting is activated automatically when the plow is raised and deactivated when lowered. This feature eradicates the need for operators to manually switch lights on and off, preventing any legal issues arising from inadvertently driving with unnecessary lighting.

Embrace a Brighter Snow Plowing Experience: The ESS System’s Promise of Efficiency and Convenience

Wendorff also highlighted the reliability and simplicity of the ESS System. “Our product prides itself on minimal electrical complexities. With only three wires, it’s remarkably easy to install, saving users from the headache of troubleshooting intricate electrical problems.”

Snow plowing is a demanding task, and the ESS System aims to provide operators with a dependable lighting solution they can rely on. “As long as the truck lights work, our system will work in perfect harmony, assisting the operator in carrying out their tasks efficiently,” assures Wendorff.

 The ESS System is set to transform the snow plowing landscape, ensuring operators have the necessary lighting support without added hassles or complications. Say goodbye to tangled wires and costly adaptations and embrace a brighter and more efficient snow plowing experience with the ESS System.


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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog represents the views and claims of Terry Wendorff, and Sno-Way and may not reflect the views of Snow Plow News or its affiliates. Readers are encouraged to research further and verify the claims before making any purchasing decisions.

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