How to Get Heated LED Strobe Lights in Several Color Options

We sent out Will the Welder from Xtreme Fabrication to find the best innovations at the 2020 NTEA World Truck Show. Here is one of the products he loved: The J.W. Speaker Heated LED Strobe Lights. What makes these strobe lights different from others? Watch the video below or keep reading!

J.W. Speaker Corporation Heated LED Strobe Lights video

This year J.W. Speaker introduced the first ever heated LED strobe lights. No more blocked lights from the snow that kicks up. Since LEDs don’t throw off heat on their own, J.W. Speaker modified their design so you can have the endurance and brightness of an LED, but a specially heated light to melt the snow off the lens.

Another nice feature is that these lights come in a variety of colors to meet requirements for different colors across the nation. Different state or providence requirements won’t limit you from using these lights! You can choose from green, amber or blue LED lights. You can also choose from different strobe patterns.

Heated Strobe Lights in 3 Colors
Heated Strobe Lights in 3 Colors

These lights are available in strobe and also non-strobe for use around your truck. They can be mounted vertically, horizontally or even on an angle if needed. Whether you need heated LED brake lights or hazards, they have you covered. Having a powerful, bright and long-lasting LED keeps your truck or trailer visible for less accidents and expenses. Heating those babies up just makes all the sense in the world. This will be another game-changer in the snow and ice industry!


  • Fits any standard 6-inch oval-shaped lights
  • An industry first to have heated front position and heated front turn lights with LED technology
  • Heated LED signal lights are 12-24 volt
  • Upgrade to heated LED trailer lights with ease
  • Mounting options include flange, grommet, or L-shaped bracket
  • Superior sealing rating (IP69K)
  • DOT-compliant for legal on-road use
  • Flash & strobe features available