How RAM Helps the Snow and Ice Industry

Snow Plow News learns how RAM has multiple offerings that are useful for snow and ice removal.

May 10, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

RAM has a number of offerings that are useful for snow and ice removal. Their snow plow capability starts with the RAM 1500, this is a personal use type of vehicle, so it is used to occasionally plow driveways and personal neighborhood type snow removal. RAMs commercial units start with the 3/4 ton, which is their highest volume snow plow unit and that goes into a 3500 single rear wheel, then goes up to their chassis cab products. RAMs chassis cab is their highest volume snow removal vehicle and can also be upfitted for salt spreaders and dump trucks on the rear of the chassis cab.

RAMs chassis cab trucks have different upfitting applications and are great for a lot of dual season contractors. For contractors that do snow removal in the winter and then do lawn care or other types of outdoor construction in the warmer weather, the 3/4 ton truck is a great dual purpose vehicle. These vehicles are very capable of snow plowing, but also provide the flexibility to do other things like tow trailers and to haul goods and people in the crew cab.

From a technical perspective, RAM tries to build in the snowplow capability to those heavier duty platforms, that’s both in the truck’s ability to plow snow, but also its ability to adapt to the snowplow upfit. RAM provides upfit wiring as standard content on their heavy duty truck to be able to tie in the snow plow and all the associated lighting, as well as making the auxiliary switches available on the dash. It’s available on the RAM heavy duty and standard on chassis cabs to be able to control those various systems in addition to the snow plow controls. A snowplow package is available on RAM 1500 trucks, but is only offered on lower trims because it’s a weight trade-off. The most premium of trucks are already pretty heavy, so to put a snow plow on the front could jeopardize the GVW limit.

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