Hi-Way Xzalt Salt Spreader Review

We interviewed Tom Krick of Hi-Way, maker of road maintenance equipment, so he could tell us what is unique about the Hi-Way Xzalt Precision Applicator.

The Xzalt uses a directional spinner to apply material to the road in different spread patterns.  With the integrated pre-wetting system, it creates less material bounce and better road adhesion of the salt when it is spread.  A simple control system allows operators to adjust the spread pattern, which can be symmetrical or more important, asymmetrical, allowing an operator to spread in the lane they are in plus one or more neighboring lanes.

The intent of the Xzalt was to proide higher application speeds and longer routes with one spreader that will work on lots of trucks in your fleet, so your team needs to know only one spreader, regardless of the truck they are in.  Many of the elements are borrowed off of European advances in salt spreading technology for a better “initial burn,” allowing for a faster attack on the snow and ice already on the road.

Some of the features this spreader provides includes:

  • Single or multi-lane spreading
  • Multiple feedgate positions to accommodate different spreading needs
  • Pre-defined settings that can temporarily widen the spread pattern for situations like a turn lane or an intersection.
  • Height-adjustable enclosed chute on the spinner hopper to fit various trucks
  • Easy ground-level rear fill
  • Integrated storage leg system for quick, one-person installation and removal

You can also add some of the following options to the spreader:

  • Toolbox
  • High-speed integrated liquid system with 70:30 ratio of dry/liquid material
  • Ladder
  • Cab shield
  • Lights

The team at Hi-Way expects your salt usage to go down because of the precision application of salt because you are putting salt where you need it with less spillover to where you don’t want salt.

Xzalt Salt Spreader on a municipal truck driving on a slushy road