Goodbye Heat, Hello Cold: Plower Forecast 10/1/19

Get ready for true fall weather this week! Take a look as heavy rains move across the U.S. during the next 10-14 days. Starting from portions of New Mexico and moving up into the Plains of the Ohio Valley and Midwest. This front will move across to the Northeast bringing much cooler temperatures and sometimes significant rainfall.

Cold air following the snowstorm last weekend will persist in the Northwest and Northern Rockys area. Then brace yourself as cold air swings down from Canada to help snow showers get as far east as the Dakotas. Get ready, Fargo, here comes a little winter tease! As the front moves east it will become wetter and drop an additional 2-4 inches of rain in parts of the Ohio Valley, Wisconsin and Michigan. No snow for you guys yet! It extends down into the Oklahoma pan handle, Texas and portions of New Mexico with up to 4-5 inches of rain possible and flood alerts expected.

This front is causing the humidity to break down across the East and Northeast and bring in true Fall weather as we head into the weekend and next week.

Oct 1 2019 weather forecast from Neoweather

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