Ford’s Revolutionized Upfitting System

The innovative Ford Pro Upfit Integration System (UIS) has revolutionized the upfitting process for both installers and operators. This cutting-edge hardware and software solution offers a seamless means to integrate equipment onto the truck.

October 23, 2023 | Staff Editor

29HD Plow and Ford 350

Upfitters face the challenge of having to extensively modify vehicles manually. Instead, Ford aims to provide them with a forward-approved method. The Ford Pro upfit integration system is an all-in-one solution encompassing both hardware and software. It allows upfitters to connect their equipment directly to the module, set up logic based on their requirements, and have it installed on their vehicle. Ford Pro brings this Upfit Integration System (UIS) into the marketplace, providing a common user interface to cater to our customers’ needs.

A Seamless Solution for Upfitters

Ford’s Plug-and-Play Upfit Integration System consists of a hardware module that grants upfitters direct access to the J1939 Control Area Network (CAN) signals of a UIS-equipped Super Duty. This digital connection seamlessly links the upfit to the truck, making the integration process swift and straightforward. With the cloud-connected Upfit Logic Editor, upfitters gain the ability to program physical switches, digital soft buttons (leveraging Ford SYNC® 4 technology), and in-cab alerts. The unified user interface of the UIS empowers upfitters to provide tailored, consistent, and easily reproducible solutions for their clientele.

Integration Made Simple

Effortlessly facilitating two-way communication between the vehicle and the upfit, our process is now more efficient and dependable than ever. Peripheral devices, including light bars, snowplows, salt spreaders, and more, can be directly linked and managed through intuitive soft buttons on the Ford SYNC 4 screens. Additionally, the UIS empowers you to program dynamic interlocks that enhance safety for both equipment and crew, such as the Vehicle Motion Inhibit Control, which safeguards against shifting out of park while equipment is in use.

Ready for Immediate Use

Your Super Duty, equipped with the UIS, arrives straight from the factory fully prepared for upfitting. Say goodbye to the hassle of piecemeal hardware solutions from aftermarket suppliers, the complexities of splicing into factory wiring harnesses, and the limitations of available switches inside the cab. With UIS, you can significantly minimize the requirement for stocking additional hardware while significantly enhancing your upfit’s capabilities.

Compatibility Solutions: Upfit Integration System and Upfitter Interface Module

While the Upfit Integration System seamlessly integrates with our latest electrical system architecture, the Upfitter Interface Module (UIM) is designed to enhance functionality on our legacy systems.

The UIM serves as an optional factory-installed device, providing a user-friendly, direct Controller Area Network programmable logic interface that allows quick and straightforward control of devices via a laptop or notebook.

The UIM is available for the following qualified Model Year Vehicles:

  • Super Duty: Model Years 2017 – 2022
  • Transit: Model Years 2020 and newer
  • E-Series: Model Years 2021 and newer
  • F-650 / F-750: Model Years 2021 and newer

These solutions offer flexibility, catering to a range of vehicle systems and ensuring compatibility across various platforms.

Ford Pro’s Upfit Integration System focuses on simplicity, added functionality, innovation, and the potential for building more services and products upon its foundation. It addresses the challenges upfitters face and aims to streamline the vehicle upfitting process for greater consistency and improved customer satisfaction.

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