Comparison of Poly vs Stainless Steel Spreaders

Snow Plow News talks to Craig Sandman from Hilltip about the benifits of poly and stainless steel spreaders.

April 9, 2024 | Staff Editor

When it comes to winter maintenance, having the right tools can make all the difference. Hilltip, a leader in snow and ice control solutions, offers a range of stainless steel and poly spreaders designed to tackle even the toughest winter conditions. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of Hilltip’s poly spreaders and why they’re the go-to choice for many winter maintenance professionals.

Versatility with Poly Spreaders

Hilltip’s emphasis on poly spreaders stems from their versatility and efficiency. These units are combination spreaders, meaning they can handle both liquids and bulk materials. This feature provides customers with the flexibility to pre-wet materials, enhancing the effectiveness of salt and other deicing agents. Additionally, optional spray bars and hose reels allow for the direct application of liquid deicers, further expanding the spreader’s capabilities.

Poly vs. Stainless Steel

While both poly and stainless steel spreaders have their advantages, poly is preferred for its compatibility with a wider range of materials, particularly more free-flowing substances. Poly spreaders are also lighter and offer greater flexibility in terms of material handling. However, stainless steel spreaders have their merits, particularly in terms of maintainability and repairability. In the event of damage, stainless steel spreaders are typically easier to repair than poly counterparts.

Liquid Tank Integration

One limitation of stainless steel spreaders is the lack of integrated liquid tanks. While aftermarket tanks can be retrofitted, this process can be cumbersome and may limit the spreader’s efficiency. In contrast, Hilltip’s poly spreaders feature built-in liquid tanks, with capacities of up to 250 gallons, streamlining the deicing process and maximizing operational efficiency.

Enhanced Flexibility and Efficiency

By offering a combination of bulk material and liquid handling capabilities, Hilltip’s poly spreaders provide customers with unmatched flexibility in dealing with various environmental conditions and temperatures. Whether it’s pre-wetting materials for improved effectiveness or directly applying liquid deicers to specific sites, these spreaders are designed to enhance winter maintenance efficiency and performance.

Hilltip’s stainless steel and poly spreaders represent the pinnacle of winter maintenance technology. With their versatility, efficiency, and flexibility, these spreaders are essential tools for municipalities, businesses, and contractors tasked with keeping roads, sidewalks, and parking lots safe during the winter months. Whether you choose poly for its compatibility with a wide range of materials or stainless steel for its durability and maintainability, you can trust Hilltip to deliver reliable performance when it matters most.

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