Cold & Snow Finally Coming in 2016!


Snow Weather if Finally Coming!

If you look at the image above you will note there is a high probability of snow in a band of weather stretching from Wyoming to Minnesota.  The cold air pushing south is finally going to bring seasonal temperatures and for most of the US, the first significant snow fall of the season.  In this next image, you can see how little snow has accumulated this season so far, and only in the mountains on the west side of the US or toward the far east and west in Canada.


The next three days will change all that with snow starting to fall on the 17th and continuing to spread over the next three days.


Along with the snow will be the cold air we have been waiting for slowly spreading across the country.  For most of the northern and plains states, that means it is time to put away the lawn mowers and put on the snow plows to be ready for your turn at the snow.

Join the conversation on our Facebook page.  What was the earliest snow fall you remember requiring you to plow snow?