Wind, heat, rain and SNOW this week – Plower Forecast 9.17.19

9/17 Snow Plowers Forcast

It’s truly a week of mischief in the weather world this week. The United States weather forecast includes tropical storms, wind, rain, heat and you guessed it – even some snow! Watch for all the details! This week brings a new tropical storm into the U.S named Imelda. It is just entering the Houston area and dropping significant amounts of rain. Hurricane Humberto is still on the outskirts of the east coast, but not close to land so the coast …

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Review of Farmers Almanac Winter Weather Forecast

Brisk, Polar, Cold, Frosty, Freezing, Icy, Subzero, Bitter, Glacial, Siberian Winter Hype. Sometimes these terms are thrown around by The Farmers Almanac and Old Farmers Almanac. Their job is to sell copies and that can come at a price for accuracy.  The Farmers Almanac is calling for a very cold winter this coming year across almost all of the United States. They mention a “Polar Coaster” of brisk conditions in some areas. Frequent bouts of Canadian air will slide into …

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Farmers’ Almanac Forecasts a “Polar Coaster” this Winter???

Farmars' Almanac 2019-2020 winter weather prediction in map form

The Farmers’ Almanac has locked in its forecast for the 2019-2020 winter season, and they predict, and I quote, a “Polar Coaster winter ahead.”  What does that mean, anyway?  It means, they expect frigid temperatures and average-to-heavy precipitation this year, but, more importantly, they also expect some big temperature swings this winter. What we love is the very precise language that gets used on their forecast page.  Speaking of the Eastern HALF of the US, they make the prediction, January …

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Custom Weather Forecasts to Save Money

We talked to Brian Ivey, meteorologist at Neoweather, to find out why people would pay for a custom forecast instead of using a free app. Why pay for a premium weather service?  The payback can be found in as little as one storm according to Ivey.  The secret is in the precision that allows you to make smart decisions in the allocation of your limited resources. Neoweather creates customer weather forecasts that are tailored to you as an individual company, …

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Neoweather Makes Storm Prep Easy

Prepping for a winter storm. What’s your first move? Probably keeping an eye on the forecast at all times leading up to the event. If you don’t have the most accurate information it can be difficult to get ready To Pre-Treat or Not to Pre-Treat Neoweather has had multiple clients tell them they have gone out and looked at the situation at hand and were unsure if they were really going to get as much snow as was predicted. The …

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Developing El Nino Impacts Winter 2018/19 Forecast

It is early August and an El Niño is likely developing for Fall 2018 and Winter 2018/2019. The ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) phases – neutral, cold (La Niña) and warm (El Niño) – have a significant impact on weather over large areas of the world. Let’s discuss where we are at right now in ENSO observations, where ENSO forecasts take us into Winter 2018/2019 and what the United States and Canada can expect based on the forecast. Current ENSO …

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Looking Ahead to Winter 2018/19

It’s still summer! But for those of you who are impatient and cannot wait for winter to arrive, Neoweather is already prepping for winter this year and into next year. There is already enough data coming in that points to a shift. It appears winter is shifting from a la Niña to an el Niño. So, what exactly does that mean? Normally, when we have this transition, a blocking pattern often develops across portions of the east coast which allows …

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Late February Early March Weather Outlook – 2018

For much of the United States winter has been full of surprises – southern snow, arctic cold, very mild weather. There hasn’t been much weather we have missed this winter. The good news: we have avoided major catastrophes like floods, ice storms, multiple major winter storms and severe weather, so far. Winter Review Breaking down the United States into three areas – East, Midwest and West – let’s quickly look at what meteorological winter (December 1 to February 28) has …

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