Farmers Almanac vs. Old Farmers Almanac vs. Meteorologists

2020-2021 Old Farmers Almanac vs Farmers Almanac weather maps

Brian Ivey from Neoweather took a look at the 2020-21 Farmers Almanac versus the OLD Farmers Almanac predictions for this winter and how it differs from today’s weather models. Are the Almanacs accurate? How do they compare to each other and today’s real meteorologists? How do these predictions get determined? Let’s take a look! The OLD Farmers Almanac predictions for 2020-21 The Old Farmers’ Almanac predicts a pretty mild winter with “more wet than white” weather in the Upper Midwest …

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Sally is Bringing Rain, But What Else is Happening?

9/15/2020 Weather Map showing cooler temps moving in from Canada

It’s all over the news, so it’s no surprise to you that Hurricane Sally is pounding Louisiana and the South. But what is expected as it moves through and in the rest of the country? Brian Ivey from Neoweather takes a look at that and this week’s weather forecast below. Today Sally is expected to make landfall with winds up to 120 miles an hour as it S L O W L Y moves over the already saturated land around …

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50 Degree Drop in Temps!? Will it Warm Up?

9/9/2020 Weather Map

Saying things really cooled off suddenly this week is a total understatement! A system really cooled things down in the Rockies and even brought some significant snow with it. After moving out, some significant rain came in. While the cool weather sticks around in the central regions, warmth continues in the west and southeast through next week. If you live out West you saw 40-50 degree drops in temperature Tuesday and Wednesday. That was accompanied by a big snowstorm east …

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It’s Here! Fall 2020 Forecast Preview

September - November 2020 Temperature Expectations

It’s long-range forecast time for the start of Autumn this year. See what meteorologist Brian Ivey has to say about what fall weather is on the way. Brian goes over the temperature and precipitation trends he’s expecting in the coming weeks and also why the forecast looks like this. See all the details here on Snow Plow News! While long range forecasts aren’t super accurate, there is real science behind it and it’s better to review what experts think is …

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See What’s Happening Hurricane Laura and More!

8/28/2020 Weather Map

The big news this week, of course, is Hurricane Laura. It’s expected to bring catastrophic damage to the coasts of Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana. Aside from that, Neoweather expects to see decent amounts of rain on the eastern half of the country and above average temps continue. See all the details below while Brian Ivey presents this week’s forecast in a bright new tropical shirt! 🙂 Looks like Mother Nature is done messing around with hurricane teasers and is …

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Extreme Heat This Week & Winter Weather Preview

Map Showing Extreme Heat in the West 8/19/2020

This week kicks off with lots of precipitation in the Southeast and hotter than usual weather in the West. The barriers on the western heat dome break open over the days to come and higher than average temps spread to the Midwest. See all the details from Brian Ivey below. The middle of the country starts off dry this week, with just a little bit of precipitation in the Northern Rockies. All the action seems to be in the Southeast …

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So NOW What’s Expected with the Weather?

8/12/2020 Weather Map showing SE precipitation

After the violent straight line storm that crippled parts of Iowa and Illinois, what could possibly be in store for the country this week? Will the ongoing madness of 2020 continue? Watch this week’s weather video below to find out what Brian Ivey at Neoweather thinks! So they call this type of system a “Derecho” which is a mature, organized group of thunderstorms with a family of particularly damaging down burst. It caused significant damage and a few tornadoes. You’ve …

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Hurricane I Moves out & Heat Moves Back in!

Weather Map for 8/10/2020 Shows Spotty Rain

Now that Hurricane Isaias has left a decent mess for Eastern states to clean up (see lots of video footage below), it’s time to look ahead to see what’s next! The weather starts off with a bit of a split personality this week as it is cooler and wet on the eastern half of the U.S. and the West remains hot and dry. Then the cool weather moves out and we’re more balanced with warmer temps just about everywhere. The …

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Rain Where it’s Needed & Lower Temps Coming

7/29/2020 weather models showing expected precipitation

As we roll into August this week, we’re changing more than just the month on the calendar – watch for weather pattern breaks with some cooler temperatures and precipitation in some of the drought areas and hot spots we’ve been talking about over the past weeks. We’re keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Isaias this week, as it moves through the Caribbean and may hit parts of the East Coast. No major damage is expected as it isn’t predicted to …

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Who’s Getting the Heat & Rain?

7/16/20 Heat Dome Map

Typically July isn’t a month where we see a lot of rain – but 2020 is anything but a typical year. Not only is the heat dome sticking around, but there is more than average rainfall in most of the country. Check it out! Today kicked off with big time humidity and precipitation in the Midwest. Lots of rumbling and rain was in the air for folks living in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. That system is strengthening as …

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