Late February Early March Weather Outlook – 2018

For much of the United States winter has been full of surprises – southern snow, arctic cold, very mild weather. There hasn’t been much weather we have missed this winter. The good news: we have avoided major catastrophes like floods, ice storms, multiple major winter storms and severe weather, so far. Winter Review Breaking down the United States into three areas – East, Midwest and West – let’s quickly look at what meteorological winter (December 1 to February 28) has …

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2017-2018 Long Range Winter Forecast

Meteorologists Brian Ivy, Robert Carroll, and Mark Spencer sit down and bring us a preview of the 2017-2018 Winter forecast.  Take a look at what the weather will dish out in North America this season! A Summary of the Forecast A weaker La Nina will allow for higher pressure to bring in cooler temperatures from Canada while a Pacific jet stream will bring moisture off of the ocean.  Those two conditions should collide and create wet conditions in the Pacific …

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Deep in the Heart of Summer; An Early Winter Forecast

Milwaukee – Wow, it is sunny and hot across most of the United States. That is not a surprise in early August. Most of the United States is now starting to experience a slight drop in average temperature now that we are inching towards late summer. June was quite warm and July has been very similar. And that makes it a perfect time to talk about this winter, right? For some of us it is always too early to discuss winter. And for others, they never stop talking about winter.

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