Canada, Lake Effect, Northeast Snows

The snow storm that just buried Duluth, Minnesota is moving east and will wreak a little havoc in Maine early this week. This Nor’easter will drop 10 or maybe even 15 inches of snow in spots. The rest of the country stays pretty quiet as the next system moves in late in the week with mostly rain in the West except in higher elevations. The lack of snow is due to some warmer air moving in from the Gulf that will settle in the Midwest and Northeast starting this week and going into the middle of the month. Enjoy the warmer weather in December before the Arctic Hounds get released in January!

12/3/19 Winter Weather Forecast from Neoweather

Did you see the fresh white GOLD in Duluth, Minnesota from the Thanksgiving snow storms? Check it out if you haven’t! They were literally buried with a couple feet of snow plus massive drifts from all the high winds. Watch the news for more photos like this that make you drool this week from Maine as they get more than their share of white, fluffy money making precipitation!

12/3/19 Duluth Snow

Duluth, MN

Aside from Maine, most of the country stays relatively dry this week after all the fun last week during Thankgiving. A system in the Southwest spins up a little precipitation on Wednesday, but it just brings rain as it moves across the Southern part of the country. The Great Lakes will get some lake effect activity as well on Wednesday before it dissipates. This week ends with more cool air, but nothing extreme.

Next week looks like it will bring some warmer air from the Gulf of Mexico that will keep the snow activity up in the Lake Superior and Ontario. The precipitation we see for the Ohio Valley, Midwest and Northeast for next week is likely going to be rain due to that warmer air.

12/3/19 Weather Map - Warmer air is coming
12/3/19 Weather Map – Warmer air is coming

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