Buyers Products Keeps an Eye on the Electrification of Fleets

Snow Plow News discusses the electrification of fleets with Scott Moorman, a Buyers engineering veteran.

October 26, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Scott Moorman is the Director of Snow and Ice at Buyers Products. Moorman says that the impending electrification of fleets has been something that Buyers has been able to ignore. Ford is leading the drive to electric vehicles, rolling out the Ford F-150 Lightning, an all-electric truck and an all-electric van. RAM is not far behind with their announcement of the RAM Promaster that will have a battery electric offering in 2023 and the RAM light duty truck that will have a battery electric version in 2024.

Buyers has been working closely with manufacturers and trade groups, but information on this topic is still scarce. Moorman imagines that it will take a while before seeing snow plows on electric trucks, but that it is inevitable. Marketing literature indicates that in 2026 to 2030 the market will be 50 percent electrified or more. Buyers is looking at options to make lighter plows, reduce the current draw and regulations around electrification. Buyers is keeping tabs on electric vehicles and believes it is critical that they are proactive, rather than reactive in this space.

Buyers is always re-designing products and materials to keep up with the ever-demanding market and they are focused on staying at the front of the pack with the electrification of fleets.

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