Buyers Efficient Anti-Ice Systems

While anti-icing has been a popular tool in the municipal market for years, it recently gained traction with commercial contractors due to the rising price and scarcity of salt. Buyers’ 550-gallon, gas-powered spray systems (Buyers # 6191120 and 6191121) are ideal for commercial contractors looking to incorporate liquid anti-icing into their operations. Dependable Honda® motors pump up to 25 gallons per minute. An adjustable, one-lane spray bar makes it easy to quickly coat parking lots. Lower flow electric systems are also available.

Powerful, municipal-focused hydraulic systems provide the capacity, high flow rate (up to 235 gallons per minute), and multi-lane spray options required for streets and highways. Buyers offers two 1,065-gallon options (Buyers # 6192715 and 6192716) that can tackle most municipal jobs.

Some features of the gas-powered antt-ice system include:

  • Brine can be sprayed to help prevent ice formation before the storm even hits.
  • Can apply brine based on road speed for precise application control.
  • Durable, high density, UV-stabilized polyethylene tank.
  • System comes standard with black powder-coated leg stand, making it easy to load unload, and store the system.
  • Uses a dependable gas-powered Honda® engine.
  • Micro-Trak Roadmaster™ controller provides accurate rate control and performance tracking (sold separately).

Municipalities and contractors are in demand of anti-ice systems and Buyers is delivering with their new line. Take control before the storm even hits.

“Anti-ice is the next big thing in ice management,” said Scott Moorman, director of engineering at Buyers Products. “We want to make sure our distributors have immediate access to the equipment that contractors and municipalities are now demanding. This equipment works more efficiently at pretreating, while also prolonging the users’ investment in salt and brine.”

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