Buyers New Hydraulic Spreaders that Get the Job Done Faster

Snow Plow News talks with Scott Moorman, director of snow and ice equipment at Buyers Products about their new salt spreaders that get the job done faster.

May 23, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

Buyers Products has the widest range of spreaders in the industry. Buyers works really closely with their customers to manufacture products they need and will use. Buyers recently announced the addition of two hydraulic units to its SaltDogg PRO Series lineup of salt spreaders. Available in both the PRO4000 and PRO6000 models, the hydraulic unit pairs the power and speed of a truck’s hydraulics with the durability and simplicity of a SaltDogg PRO Series poly spreader.

Electric spreaders are very dominant in the industry and gas spreaders are slowly being phased out, so Buyers introduced the hydraulic PRO4000 and PRO6000 that utilizes the power and speed of a truck’s hydraulics and really sets these hydraulic units apart. The PRO4000 unit works with dump trucks and flatbeds with a minimum 17,500-pound gross vehicle weight, while the PRO6000 works with dump trucks and flatbeds with a minimum 25,999-pound gross vehicle weight. Both units are available with auger-and-chain drivelines.

The PRO4000 and PRO6000 chain and auger were designed as electric spreaders, but now have the ability to be hooked up to hydraulic systems. Hooking up this spreader to a hydraulic system allows the user to move material faster, because you can spin the spinner faster and there’s a lot more available power to the spreader. They also feature independent control of the hydraulic feed and spinner motors to provide maximum control over material usage. These spreaders can handle bulk salt or a 50-50 salt/sand mix and they spread material up to 30 feet. If trucks have hydraulics, it makes sense to use the hydraulic spreader. Hydraulic spreaders are simpler to use, you don’t have to deal with electrical control issues.

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