Buyers and Their Extensive Commitment to Engineering and Testing

Snow Plow News discusses Buyers extensive commitment to engineering and testing with Scott Moorman, find out what we learned!

August 3, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Scott Moorman is the Director of Snow and Ice at Buyers Products. Moorman has been with Buyers Products for 17 years and ran the Engineering department for about 12 years. A couple of years ago, Moorman moved solely into the snow and ice product role, but has been engineering Buyers plows from day one. Moorman has seen the engineering department expand and has seen snow and ice become a bigger portion of it.

Mike Miller is the Director of Engineering and has really focused on bolstering the Buyers test program. Buyers test program has full-time test technicians that extensively test products to make sure plows can withstand 12 months a year slamming gravel or snow. The VXX and VMX plows are the most tested plows Buyers has ever released. The VMX is a heavy plow and Buyers made extensive use of finite element analysis to optimize the plow to get the steel where it needed to be. The VMX looks just like the VMD75, which is a very popular plow for half ton trucks. TheVMD75 weighs about 720 pounds, where the VMX75 weights about 200 pounds less due to its high strength, low-alloy steel and can go toe to toe against the VMD75, in terms of strength and durability. With some very exciting things happening within Buyers engineering, they are definitely a brand to watch for new, innovative products.

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