Buyers Adds SaltDogg Pro Series Spreaders

Buyers has been making salt spreaders for well over 30 years. They came into the industry with a huge competitive advantage. The customers told them exactly what they were looking for in a spreader. When you know what contractors are looking for, you are able to become a powerhouse for quality products that people will invest in.

 Learn from Success

About 13 years ago, the SPHE series was developed. A newly designed SaltDogg Pro Series is based off of that successful line of spreaders. SPHE was a simple, robust, value spreader. On the flip side, the SaltDogg Pro Series offers additional functions and power that customers need and asked for. By taking the ideas of the SHPE Series, Buyers created the Pro Series and put the spreaders at a new level.

 Talk with Your Customers!

How do you discover what is going to sell? Communicate. Talk with you customers directly. When Buyers connected with contractors they heard they wanted a full-length auger, a bigger auger, more horsepower etc. You can definitely assume those features were added.

Powerful & Efficient

As the available power and efficiency gets higher in electric spreaders, Buyers is able to fill municipal needs. Their newly added SaltDogg Pro Series fills that need. Traditionally you may have had to use a big stainless v-box spreader. Now you can have the advantage of a poly spreader, which is quite significant.

Models Built for Performance

The SaltDogg Pro Series includes the 2500 at 8ft and the 2000 at 6ft which has a 12-inch pintle chain and full size auger. The Pro Series spreaders are capable of spreading bulk materials such as sand, salt or anything you can think of. Discover why Buyers has been so successful building spreaders over the last 30 with their Pro Series.