BOSS Introduces Drop Spreader, Exact Path for Precision

BOSS has introduced a new drop spreader. The Exact Path is a result of listening to the needs of their customers. The request for a drop spreader has been coming in for many years now and it has finally arrived. The BOSS Exact Path can mount to a UTV, category 1 3-point tractor hitch and a slide-in-2” receiver for compact equipment. The three mounting options for the Exact path make it an easy choice.

Precision for Deicing Materials

BOSS gave the Exact path capability to lay a 40-inch wide trail of material. Perfect for dropping material along a precise path, but wide enough to fit your deicing needs. The material will not bounce into any vegetation like a broadcast spreader, meaning you will not have to worry about replacing any vegetation come springtime. Less hassle and more precision give the BOSS Exact Path a good position in the industry.

 Great Features and Capabilities

The capability of the Exact path allows it to run fine deicers all the way up to bulk salt, depending on what you need to use for the job at hand. The adjustable feed gate on the side is a great feature to control how much or little material you need to drop. The spreader will also come standard with variable speed control so you can keep tabs on the amount of material being dropped. Keep costs manageable and place the material exactly where you want it to go.

Built to Last

The Exact Path has a stainless steel hopper and frame for a clean look along with a polyethylene cover to maintain dry material and allow the material to continuously flow. You will have two options of models to choose from. The Exact Path 2.5 is for spreading 2.5 cubic feet of material and the 6.0 is for spreading 6 cubic feet of material. Two great options for an easy material spreading experience.