Bonnell Industries: Forging a Path to Excellence

Bonnell Industries embarked on a historic journey as it hosted an official groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, August 30th. The event was a joyous occasion, graced by dedicated employees, esteemed city officials, community leaders, members of the media, beloved family members, and supportive friends. It marked a day of tremendous excitement as Bonnell Industries set its sights on realizing a state-of-the-art 100,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. The anticipated move-in date is July 2024. Heartfelt gratitude is extended to all for their unwavering support as Bonnell Industries expands its family and footprint within the thriving City of Dixon.

September 19, 2023 | Staff Editor

Committed to Global Excellence

Bonnell Industries Inc., a family-owned manufacturer renowned for its road equipment, commemorated a momentous groundbreaking event at the site destined to host its forthcoming state-of-the-art facility. The endeavor signifies a significant expansion of Bonnell’s manufacturing capabilities as they embark on the construction of a sprawling 100,000 sq ft facility at 325 E Progress Drive within the Dixon, IL industrial park.

Joe Bonnell, the company’s owner, expressed heartfelt gratitude to his family for their pivotal role in the company’s success. He emphasized the importance of family support in nurturing a company’s growth. He noted, “It takes total family support to cultivate a business like we have. Despite its challenges, we take pride in employing people and contributing to the local community’s well-being.”

Previously situated on Franklin Grove Road in Dixon, Bonnell Industries had long contemplated expansion possibilities. Initially, in September 2022, plans were in motion to add an extension to their existing location. However, this option fell short of their aspirations. In December 2022, the company stumbled upon an opportunity on Progress Drive and promptly seized it. The visionary plan now revolves around establishing a comprehensive manufacturing hub under a single roof, replacing their current network of eight locations.

The primary objective of the new facility is to accommodate cutting-edge equipment, implement lean manufacturing practices, and significantly boost production capacity. It will be distinguished as a state-of-the-art establishment, featuring over 2,900 solar panels to harness renewable energy for powering the plant and to run air conditioning ensuring employee comfort during summer months.

Construction is slated to commence the first week of December, with the company set to relocate to the new facility by the summer of 2024. This groundbreaking moment epitomizes Bonnell Industries’ unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community development, solidifying its position as a leading player in the road equipment manufacturing sector.

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